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Welcome to's WebMail!  We have upgraded our servers and are pleased to announce the addition of two great ways to check your e-mail.

Introducing Squirrelmail. It's the same mail client you've grown to love with a version update. All of your preferences from the old version of Squirrelmail has been included in this version, including all of your contacts in your address book.

Introducing Roundcube. A new, refreshing way to check your mail has been introduced, and it's real good. This webmail client is feature-packed with a clean looking Web 2.0 interface using AJAX.

If you're looking to keep your contacts and preferences, we suggest using Squirrelmail. If you are tired of the bland look of Squirrelmail and don't mind leaving behind your preferences and address book, we suggest using the new Roundcube mail client. It's much faster, looks a lot nicer, and a lot easier on the eyes.

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Corporate Overview - South Valley Internet